Born in Paris on 8 July 1913 son of Marcel Casadesus and Marie Buisson
Died on 20 March 1997

Claude Casadesus spent his childhood in Belgium and started learning music in 1928 at the Conservatoire of Liège where he was taught by Hubert Rogister. In 1934, he was awarded the first Prize for Cello and in 1937, the first Prize for Chamber Music.

A war orphan (his father Marcel was killed on the battle field on 10 October 1914 during the first world war), he volunteered for the military service at Charleville-Mézières as soon as the second world war began. Assigned, in 1939, to a commando unit at Farsviller, he participated in several missions, one of which was the "Grand Wagram". Captured and injured, he remained a prisoner until 1943 : for five years, he was not able to practice any music !

Once back, he resumed working as an orchestra musician and from 1949 started working for the R.T.F., and then for the O.R.T.F., where his artistic responsibilities covered overseas regions(Tunis, Madagascar, Indochine, Congo-Brazzaville).

One child with Irène Lemoine : Patrice Casadesus, assistant director.

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