(known as Pianavia)
singer, Actress

Born – 6 September 1903, Paris. Daughter of Henri Casadesus and Renée DELLERBA
Died – 17 October 1976, Batz sur Mer (Loire Atlantique)

Jacqueline started her musical studies, learning piano with A. Cortot and I. Philipp, but had to stop when she suffered from “pianist’s cramp”. She then studied singing and was recruited at 17 years of age in the lead role in “l’As du Volant” at the Châtelet Theatre, under the pseudonym “Pianavia”.

Her mother, Renée Dellerba was a cellist in Xavier de Courville’s company and she put forward her daughter as an actor-singer. Jacqueline was recruited by him on 7 June 1922.

Soon after, Xavier de Courville and Jacqueline Pianavia began to live out a great and beautiful love story, mixed with worry and separations.

Jacqueline was full of talent (she imitated Joséphine Baker and Edit Piaf perfectly) and flew to Morocco where she was recruited by Radio Rabat to represent Paris ; but Xavier de Courville, appointed as head of the French Lycée in Korça, Albany, convinced her to go with him.

Meanwhile, Henri Casadesus, Jacqueline’s father persuaded her to go to Greece to sing French songs with him on the piano before the Royal Court.

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