Violonist and composer

Born in Paris on 24 October 1892 son of Luis Casadesus and Mathilde Sénéchal
Died in Suresnes on 13 October 1981

He was the last member of the first generation. He received with Robert (the pianist) his musical education from his sister Rose and won, in 1914, a first prize for violin at the conservatoire of Paris. He then started his virtuoso career and travelled around the world performing a lot in Europe and the US. He gave the first recital of "Tzigane" in the presence of Ravel in Barcelona.

With his nephew Robert, he gave, for 13 years, recitals for piano and violin and played the quinton with his brothers and his wife Lucette in the Society of Ancient Instruments (la Société des Instruments Anciens). He founded the New Society of Ancient Instruments (la Société Nouvelle des Instruments Anciens) and in 1954, the "Viols and Violins" ensemble (l'ensemble "Violes et Violons"). Its aim was to combine the timbre of string instruments from various periods.

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