Violonist and composer

He is mostly remembered for his orchestration of the "Concerto pour la princesse Adélaïde" that Mozart was supposed to have composed at the age of ten and which Marius had discovered unfinished. This concerto for violin and orchestra was then created in 1931 at the Lamoureux concerts. A recording was later made by Y. Ménuhin which was fairly successful. In 1977, a litigation concerning his royalties on the orchestration led him to admit that he had written the concerto himself.

His knowledge of instrument-making and his passion for ancient instruments enabled him to become a legal expert in court. He also acquired a splendid collection of ancient instruments which he donated to various institutions (bibliothèque de l'Opéra de Paris, Musée du château de Versailles, Sacem, and others).

He spent most of his life in Montmartre on the square that is now the "Place Casadesus".

In 1962, he was made a Commander of the Legion of Honour.

He had three children : Mathilde (with Lucette Laffite), Martine (with Louise-Marie Simon) and Gréco (with Gladys Thibaud).

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