composer and harpsichordist

Born on 7 July 1886 daughter of Luis Casadesus and Mathilde Sénéchal
Died on 28 August 1961

Régina Patorni-Casadesus is one of the nine children of Luis Casadesus, the founder of the Casadesus musical dynasty. In1906, she married Aurèle Patorni, writer, journalist and lawyer. Their son Raphaël was born in 1911.
Her career as a harpsichordist is closely linked with the Society of Ancient Instruments, founded by her brother Henri Casadesus, and presided by Camille Saint-Saëns. During 35 years, she went on over 75 trips around the world, and played in the most prestigious settings.
She was acclaimed at the Concerts Colonne and Lamoureux in Paris, in Bonn, at the Beethoven celebrations at the Berlin Conservatory, at the Moscow and Petrograd Conservatories, then at Yasnaïa Poliana, the place of the writer Léon Tolstoï where she spent two days, and at the Brussels conservatory. Royal and imperial parties followed each other in a prestigious series.

One child : Raphaël (with Aurèle Patorni)

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